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Glowing from Within: Bridal Prep Tips for Beautiful Photographs

Hi there lovelies, I'm Rebecca from Rebecca Jones Photography ( | I'm a wedding photographer covering the North West and I've had the absolute privilege of capturing the happiest days of couples lives for over 10 years now (wow, that makes me feel old!) I specialise in relaxed, countryside weddings - from farms, to country houses to marquees at family homes and everything in between - the more wellies and dogs the better!

I am so excited to feature on Terri’s wonderful blog! I'm here to share six top tips and advice from my time as a wedding photographer on how to achieve beautiful photos from your bridal prep!

1. Timing is Everything: Why You Shouldn't Be Last in Line

Plan to have your makeup done earlier in the day and not be last into the makeup chair. There are several benefits to not going last - firstly, I usually arrive to bridal prep a couple of hours before the ceremony. Your hair and make up has likely started much earlier than this, and so if you’re not last in the chair it’s likely that you won’t be completely barefaced by the time I arrive! Once you’ve got some makeup on, brides generally feel a lot more confident having their photo taken than having a naked face - not many people want the pre makeup photos featuring in the wedding album! 

Secondly, on occasion prep sometimes runs late - if you were planning to be last and we need to make some time up, that means either rushing through the bride’s hair/makeup or being late and sitting in the chair feeling increasingly rushed/stressed when the wedding co-ordinator pops their head in to see if you’re ready yet! By going earlier in the morning you feel relaxed, prepared and radiant - it gives you plenty of time to soak in the excitement and capture those precious moments before you walk down the aisle.

2. Dress Reveals and Perfect Portraits

Also on the theme of timing, when planning your morning make sure to allow enough time after you are all ready - with your hair and make up perfect, finally wearing the dress of your dreams - for 5-10 minutes of portraits of you and your bridesmaids. It’s nice to do a dress reveal with your bridesmaids and your dad/mum at this point too - the expressions and emotions are so special and you will cherish these photos forever. If you want to do dress reveals you’ll need around another 10 minutes for these.

3. Let There Be Light: the Beauty of Natural Light

Make sure you choose a room with a nice big window for bridal prep and let that glorious natural light work its magic. Lots of natural light will help both your makeup artist and your photographer! It also is the best representation of how your makeup will look throughout the day. Beware of sitting below spotlights in the ceiling (they will cast big shadows down your face) and that orangey tungsten lighting found in many hotel rooms (this will make your face have a warmer glow than in natural light).

4. Matching PJs for the Win

Coordinate with your girl gang and rock matching pyjamas for lovely, co-ordinated bridal prep photos.

5. Keep Clutter at Bay

 Clear the room of bags and clutter to ensure your photos are sleek, chic, and uncluttered. It's all about creating that picture-perfect ambiance!

6. No Socks, No Bras

Avoid sock and bra lines by going barefoot and braless during prep. If your dress doesn’t have a back or sleeves it’s best not to wear a bra during prep to avoid those lines which won’t have time to fade before the ceremony. The same goes for socks leaving marks around your ankles!

So, there you have it, lovelies – a few insider tips to ensure your bridal prep and makeup are picture-perfect from start to finish!

Good luck for your most special of days, enjoy every minute, Rebecca xx

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