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Photographers Studio with lights and equipment

Natural Makeup and Hair for Headshots

A good headshot can help you get seen by the right people. If you're an actor/dancer/singer/CEO/business person you know you'll need them throughout your career (every 3-5 years). So it's worth spending a little bit more by having a professional Makeup Artist on set to take care of this for you, in what can be a stressfull and nervous time.   

It's also a perfect chance to gather thoughts for the shoot ahead. 


I keep the makeup and hair very natural and true to yourself, controlling redness, perspiration and looking out for kinks or anything out of place in the shot. I do the very basics with hair using straighteners to curl or straighten. Adding backcombing and hair pins to give shape. 

You can read my reviews and see my headshot makeup portfolio here

I have 2 options for London based studios:

  •  Makeup & Hair (at your photographers studio) then I leave you to your shoot. 

  •  Makeup & Hair (at your photographers studio) Stay for the shoot with changes & touch ups. 

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