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Reviews from brides, private clients, actors and industry colleagues.

What can I say...

What my clients say about my work means such a lot to me. Thank you very much to all those who take the time to write.

Private Client

I have extremely dark circles under both eyes and sunburn damage on the bridge of my nose and high cheek bone.  With the introduction of the menopause into my life, I noticed it had become increasingly more difficult to cover my imperfections.  I could see them every day when I looked in the mirror and I hated it. I became more conscious of them and I felt I was slowly losing the me I knew, and my self-confidence. 


Terri was amazing!  She immediately put me at ease to create an environment where I could easily explain my dilemma without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.  Half the battle of gaining my confidence back was won at that moment. Terri listened to my make-up routine and immediately knew where my make up errors had been applied.  Once that had been established she instantly provided me with a series of simple blending techniques and uncomplicated application steps I could use.  They in turn, provided me with the maximum make up effect I required to cover my imperfections with less product being applied to my face.   


My life now? In a nutshell – on top of the world!! When I look in the mirror now I don’t see my imperfections anymore, I see me and that makes me really happy.


I've worked with Terri on many shoots spanning a range of styles and demands, from subtle natural looks, to high-end fashion and body art designs. Whatever the job, I can always rely on her to bring delicacy, skill, precision, creativity and sensitivity to a process, and to make clients or models feel at ease.


Terri was just simply wonderful in making sure that my myself, mum and bridesmaids were put at ease and had perfect make up for my wedding! She helped to make our day so wonderful and special, we had the best day and are feeling so very thankful and blessed! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Terri to others or use her services again 😊

Private client

I've struggled to find the right colour and coverage for my birthmark on my face for years. Terri introduced me to a product called Dermacolor (she teaches it for a professional makeup store in covent garden) and I am so happy, she was able to get the colour perfectly (at last) and then taught me how to apply it correctly.  I feel so much more confident knowing that it's covered and will last even while swimming!!!

Private Client

I've suffered from keloid scarring on the back of my shoulders since my early teens and they've had a profound effect on my self-confidence over the years, limiting my wardrobe choices and making me loathe warmer weather, when you're expected to reveal a lot more skin. In an ideal world, I wouldn't care but realistically I do, and their appearance has affected me greatly.


I had a really helpful 121 session with Terri who colour-matched me perfectly, and patiently talked me through the application steps so I would be able to recreate covering my scars at home. I was really surprised at how well the product she used worked!! It kind of helped to create a more uniformed look to my skin.


I no longer feel anxious and paranoid that I'm being stared at when people catch a glimpse of my keloid scars.  I'm in my 40s now and I hope my confidence continues to improve and that I'm able to live in the moment much more, rather than worrying about what other people think and stressing over what I'm going to wear to disguise my scars. Never underestimate the power of make-up. It can literally be life changing!


You should be very proud of yourself. It is a wonder that make-up can really be life changing for people. Thank you for being so amazing and bring a smile back to faces. Hopefully we will see her on some modelling campaigns soon. Kryolan

Business woman

Terri is the most remarkable make up artist I have ever hired. Her skills are in creating unexpected and amazing results. She talks through all of her decisions,  she endeavors to make her work product appropriate from the person and the event and the look. I’ve hired Terri twice and I wish it could be a lot more but given I visit London once every few months I’m happy about the time i have had with her. I frankly don’t want to leave her a great review because it would just make her that much more busy and difficult to book her time in the future but she’s so amazing it’s worth sharing this publicly!


Thank you Terri for giving us (bride and 2 bridesmaids) a wonderful experience from the trials through to the wedding day. We looked so beautiful and it didn’t go unnoticed by the amount of compliments we recieved.  I would definitely be using your service again.
Once again Thank you. 🙂


I recently got married on the hottest day (40degrees in the Atrium at Hackney Town Hall and Terri did mine and my Mums make up and we were both so happy with it! Terri is so lovely, and was such a calming presence on the morning. She made sure we both had the make up we wanted - not too heavy (which can sometimes be an issue with other bridal make up) then she gave me a new lipstick to keep for top up throughout the day. I would highly recommend using Terri! loved it!

Private Client

It’s wonderful to meet a person of their word. Words can’t explain how much you’ve helped me. 41yrs of feeling I look like crap, my confidence was at an all time low. I know it’s your job to be kind to your clients but you have sincerely changed my life by letting me come to terms with my reflection after all my surgeries. I feel truly lucky to have found you. I’ve honestly never felt so safe in front of a mirror and that is credit to you for being so gentle with my fragile emotions. It’s more than a job to you, you really care about people and I’ll be eternally grateful to you. Honestly, just a ‘thank you’ will never be enough, you gave me the boost to put myself out there -  Keep being amazing Terri, carry on 'making up' the world!


I have had good fortune to employ Terri on a number of occasions.   Individual tuition; small workshops; major demonstrations including IMATs (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) – as a make-up artist nothing fazes her.   Watching Terri at work reminds me that she is an artist first and foremost, blending natural creativity with strong technique as thoroughly as she blends in eye shadow.


Thank you very much for all your hard work Terri. My mum, aunt and I were delighted with the Wedding make-up and we had loads of compliments on the day. You were a very calm and steady influence during the morning, which was enormously helpful at what could have been a very stressful time. My aunt had never had professional make-up put on before and told me how much she had loved the experience and how it made her feel pampered and relaxed before the big day. Thanks again Terri, you were excellent.


Just put your name in the "Thank you" list for my new book "Saving Amy" since you took care of the Winehouse’s. It is going to print 24th Feb 2010.


I met Terri when I was the Editor of a make-up artists’ magazine almost 20 years ago. I was interviewing her for a feature on her work and we hit it off instantly. I was getting married in the December and despite my job, still needed a make-up artist for the day as it was to be featured in OK! so I asked Terri is she was free 3 days before Christmas, thankfully she was!! I didn’t have time with deadlines to even have a practice, so Terri turned up at Cliveden on the day and worked her magic. Over the last 20 years since then, I have continued to work in the make-up industry and met some of the MUA icons, but I would hand on heart say, Terri Pace is one of the best!

PAUL MERCHANT GLobal MUA for Kryolan

What a beautiful email. It must feel really rewarding to read her words following your consultation with her. Sounds like you went above and beyond. Thank you for sharing that with me. Fantastic work and service, Thank you.


A big thank you to you and your wonderful make up skills for my headshots.  You and Michael Wharley are the ultimate dream team and a pleasure to work with!  Got my first job with the photos last week for a McDonalds Ad with Jessie J. I couldn't have done it without you.


Thank you so much again for your time with Dawn on Wednesday Terri. Your understanding and application technique has made a huge difference to her confidence and quality of life. x


Terri - I wish I had you in my life always! Next time I am in London, I need you!


I had the pleasure to have my makeup done by Terri and am so happy with my photos!! Terri was professional, punctual and has such a calming aura about her that I felt at ease with her straight away. Her talent as a makeup artist is incredible. This was my first time having my makeup done professionally and I am so very glad that I worked with Terri as she included me in her work to ensure I was comfortable with colour choices and tones. I felt so much more confident once my makeup was complete to have my head shots taken and that is due to Terri's amazing skills!!! Highly recommended

Private Client

I was recovering from major surgery and had a raw, red scar on my hip. I really wanted to cover this up but didn’t know how. I worked with Terri Pace, the makeup artist who colour matched my skin until we were happy we had a match. Very professional service which also included understanding the whole personal application procedure. It’s still early days, but when I swim or change socially for sport events, the scar will be much less visible. This is a great confidence boost!


Wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for the make up on Saturday. It literally was show stopping! Had so many people comment on how fab the makeup was. So lovely to meet you.  


Terri was absolutely amazing. I booked her to do hair and makeup for my wedding and also for my 2 daughters. We didn’t have a trial due to Covid but she asked what look we preferred beforehand and completely listened to what we wanted. Us not being great users of makeup didn’t matter and she was lovely to chat to and made us totally comfortable with the whole process. She arrived at our hotel on time and spent about an hour on each of us ensuring we were happy with what she had done. I could not fault her. We looked amazing and she has been super lovely since also, advising on products and asking how the day went. Excellent service and great value for money. How lucky we were to find her.


I feel on cloud nine after Saturday am very happy and wanted to thank you for such a lovely wedding morning, my makeup stayed on all through the tears!!!.  


Super happy with my makeup today with Terri.  She’s 100% recommended.

BEN Actor

It's Ben (from Wicked). Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the makeup. It was absolutely sensational and stayed on until the bitter end. I looked awesome and the pictures on my Facebook are unbelievable!!! 

Private Client

Thank you for your email reiterating the instructions for application of the different products for my camouflage makeup. It has made a huge difference in my vacation. I haven’t had to resort to the sunglasses.  Yesterday it looked pretty good for the gala event on the Queen Mary 2. You were a lifesaver and I thank you very much.


You got it just right for Kate Middleton lookalike.  


Thank you very much! I loved the makeup in my photos and I loved our session yesterday. I found it easy to work with you I am looking through the photos and it's so hard to choose.


Thank you so much for great makeup last week and for being so lovely. I’ve just ordered my favourites photos. I can’t believe I’ve actually got a ‘mumsy’/soft look and a completely contrasting strong look too!

IMATS Delegate

I'm very keen to see Terri in action again!!!.  I was at the International Makeup Artist show on Saturday and the make-up demo she did on her model, was in fact a drag version of the colours I had on that day - one of them being "Electric Eel" by MAC -  I simply couldn’t stop watching!  I'll stop rambling now! Have a good w/end and thanks again Terri.   


Overall, I cannot recommend Terri's tuition enough! She was absolutely great, and I was so impressed that she took the time to understand my experience and what I wanted to achieve so she could tailor the course to the perfect level for me. I was quite nervous at first (I didn't have a lot of makeup experience before), but I found that Terri was incredibly friendly and welcoming and quickly forgot my nerves.  A fantastic tutor with loads of experience as a makeup artist and teacher.

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