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Eye make-up

About the Makeup Artist

I've worked extensively in bridal makeup, theatre and media makeup since 2005.  You'll find many different genres of my work from 'no-makeup' bridal to drag to special effects and prosthetics.  I've taught workshops for the Kryolan brand and other makeup schools in London and I'm very grateful to receive the kindest words from my clients. Believe me, I'm happiest when I've got a brush in my hand.

Terri teaching a class of MUA's at Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

My Values...

My values are extremely important to me, and they are: 

Patience, Approachability, Calmness & Encouragement.

By practicing these 4 values in my business not only gives me peace of mind, but it gives you the best makeup experience too.


About Terri...

It didn't come overnight, I've worked hard to build my business and I still love my job.  Some people are very nervous about having their makeup done and I do understand why, but after talking things through and seeing the results they've always dreamed about, people wondered why they even questioned themselves. 

Makeup helps people feel good... and we all need a little of that sometimes?  Especially for a special occasion.

I've learned my craft from books, college, people along the way and many years of experience.


Your skin type, undertone, bone structure and age all have an importance to think about.  I will be able to choose the right products from my extensive kit and apply them in the correct way to blend effortlessly together, giving you a natural makeup leading up to the level of makeup you're happy with, and that lasts.

So if you like what you've read and think I fit your brief, why not get in touch.

A bit personal...

I've taken up running at 50 with my fabulous husband whose helped & encourged me to do half marathons (6 Great North Runs!!!) and surprisingly I love it. During lockdown I got hooked on paint pouring, jigsaws and learnt to play the ukulele (neighbours must love me!)  

Climate change

I try to do my little bit for climate change, I don't have a car, I cycle to do my local grocery shop and travel by public transport for my work, so my kit is well organised.  I use biodegradable wipes, glitters and as little plastic as possible.

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