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Girl with brown hair and green eyes with a white top

Sustainability & Values

I try to do my bit for climate change. I don't drive but use public transport for my work. I use biodegradable wipes & glitters, and minimize my plastic wherever possible.

My values are: Patience, Approachable, Calm and Encourage.

About Terri...

I went to college to learn all genres of makeup and graduated in 2005, but I've been fascinated with makeup my whole life.


Coming from a theatrical background I know how it feels to be nervous in front of a camera and this has given me a better understanding on how clients can sometimes feel, especially if they've never had someone doing their makeup before.  


In addition to my work as a freelance makeup artist, I've had the privilege of teaching aspiring makeup artists at the global professional brand Kryolan, and other colleges throughout London which has allowed me to share my knowledge and passion.

When I don't have a brush in my hand I like to run, scuba dive and go to the ballet.

So that's a tiny bit about me, now it's your turn!  I'd love to hear from you if you need any advice on makeup for your wedding, new headshots or any other makeup project. 

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