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Welcome to my Blog! I'm a Makeup Artist based in London.

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Terri applying makeup on people
Terri applying makeup on various people.

I'm an experienced London Makeup Artist (MUA) whose been working in the industry since 2005. I'd always loved makeup! practising punk looks on my little sister, bless her. Then leaving school I went into various office type jobs that were not really for me. People ask what got me into makeup and it was the reality of a dear friend who passed away, which made me sit up and take stock of what I wanted in life. Makeup was something I'd always loved but never thought it a 'proper job'.


I've worked with many Makeup Artists and collaborations in London

I've worked hard across theatre, media, fashion, and weddings industries, collaborating with talented award-winning photographers, other makeup artists, celebrities, and wonderful private clients. This mix is what makes my portfolio so varied on my website. And you know what? That's exactly why I love what I do. Seeing the transformations, celebrating diversity, and witnessing the joy and newfound confidence it brings to people's lives – it's something that never gets old for me.

Camouflage makeup is also a path I'm particularly experienced in, helping people with skin issues such as pigmentation, rosacea, vitiligo, burns, scars and much more. I hold a regular colour matching services for people at Kryolan in Covent Garden using the Dermacolor products.

Let me know, What are your makeup concerns?

Over time I will let you into my little makeup world and hope to help you with any queries you have, like - How to use a certain product? How long would something take? Remember no question is a silly question, so do get in touch through my website or leave a comment here. This is my job/career/passion and I'm only too happy to hear from you and hopefully help.

SO - do you have a question?

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