Photo Studio


A good headshot can help you get seen by the right people. If you're an actor/dancer/singer/CEO/business person you know you'll need them throughout your career (every 3-5 years). So it's worth spending a bit more on your headshots by using a MUA, in what can be a stressfull and nervous time, and to keep an eye out for kinks or things 'out of place'.

I’ve worked on so many shoots people do say "I’m glad you’re here - It means I don’t have to worry about makeup"  And I see it all the time, as soon as the wardrobe and structure of the shoot is worked out, they come to me, sit in my chair with a big sigh of relief knowing that they'll look right.  It's also a time to gather thoughts for the shoot. 

I have 3 options for you:

Makeup & Hair at a studio in Hackney (with advanced notice)

Makeup & Hair at your photographers studio then go.

Makeup & Hair at your photographers studio and stay for the shoot. 


Email me today for a quote & to check availablity


Photographer - Michael Wharley

With actor Paula Lane who wanted a striped back natural MU to steer away from her character 'Kylie Platt' in Coronation St, who wore thick heavy eye makeup & bold lip.


Photographer - Francesco Guidicini

This was an interview for the Sunday Times of Sir Ian McKellen talking about his life and playing King Lear at 80yrs.  Location was at the Duke of York Theatre 2018